Shared Access

Shared Access

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Time is precious – own it with flying solutions that are more affordable than you ever imagined. EvolveAir offers the latest technology in aviation at a fraction of the cost. By sharing ownership you keep the benefits of freedom and minimize the expense. If you want the travel without the expense, this is the winning solution.

With world class aircraft professionally maintained, you can focus on your next adventure. The aircraft options range from 5 to 10 seat capacity all of which have a travel range of over 1,000 miles without having to stop. This remarkable access encourages you to expand the scope of your travel and provide a selection of aircraft solutions to meet your needs. You should never feel limited when it comes to your travel needs.

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Certified Diamond Dealer – Diamond Aircraft Sales

Certified Diamond Dealer – Diamond Aircraft Sales

Diamond Aircraft Sales

“Our Vision: revolutionize general aviation. Our Goal: set the highest standards possible in aircraft production and development. Our Promise: combine the most progressive materials and technology to deliver highly reliable, economical aircraft that are less damaging to the environment while never sacrificing performance, safety or beauty.”
—Christian Dries, Diamond Aircraft

If you demand the best technology and safety there is only one answer for you in aviation. Diamond Aircraft sets the standard and continues to push the industry with innovative engine technology and efficiency.  

If your slogan is never settle – then look no further.

Aircraft Brokerage and Consulting

Aircraft Brokerage and Consulting

In a great transaction – everyone wins. One of the greatest experiences of a lifetime is the dream purchase of your airplane. Proceed with confidence assisted by years of experience and integrity. EvolveAir has bought and sold hundreds of aircraft – many of which are repeat customers who return for ownership advice, negotiating skills, and team building commitment to get the BEST aircraft available. You might need advice on tax consequences, mission profile, ownership types, financing, etc. Build all of these solutions into your transaction.

The list of items you need to consider in a transaction can be vast but our checklist will help you identify your areas of exposure and solution sets. Whether we need to team with creative financing or associate with a top-notch charter operator – one stop gets it done!


Aircraft Management – Dry Lease – Charter

Aircraft Management – Dry Lease – Charter

Own the travel – forget the details.  

EvolveAir will handle all the details. EvolveAir can fill in many of the roles most owners would love to avoid. We provide aircraft management that is structured to minimize your costs, concerns, and workload. Personalized travel is tailored to your requests and our management solutions gladly support your request as well.  

Additionally, you may need access to some or all of the following services;

  1. Pilot services
  2. Safety Management Program (SMS)
  3. Pilot training and support
  4. Maintenance oversight and arrangements
  5. Flight planning and airspace planning
  6. Relationship development for charter and partnerships
  7. Options for revenue and expense offset
  8. Hangar/Insurance/Finance/Tax planning/Legal

Your needs are unique and our solutions will be as well! One size does not fit all.

Flight Training

Flight Training

Being a pilot is a bug that gets many of us! We salute those who have caught it and offer support for your training. EvolveAir provides great instruction and aircraft designed to exceed your expectations. For some of us, travel is a solution and for others it is the thrill.

The ability to fly begins by securing your Private Pilots License after which you can start an awesome career in aviation if desired. Whether your goal is to spend time with loved ones traveling or command the skies as a pilot, give us a call today!
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David Wayne Hooks Airport (DWH)
Houston Executive Airport (TME)

Conroe is our home airport, we'll pick you up at yours. 

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