Our Social Responsibility Program


Since our beginning we committed to be creators of initiatives that set the standard for community inclusion. We, together with other companies, organizations and non profits share core principles and values. We endeavor to assist with the needs and emergencies and not to budgets. We believe that there are no big or small causes because each one depends on the reality of who lives it, and that reality is the pillar of our social responsibility program.

In EvolveAir we know that transportation represents one of the highest costs in any humanitarian aid operation and that is why we aim to take full advantage of our fleet of aircraft and the goodwill of our staff to perform philanthropic actions to help different causes.

In order to help people most in need and contribute to the development of the community, we added our support and alliance to Lazos de America lazosdeamerica.org , a non profit created as a private initiative that represents the social and ethical commitment of governments, companies, institutions and individuals with the purpose of responding to the needs of the most disadvantaged groups.


Today's world has new challenges and together with Lazos de America we work to respond to them. Our joint objectives translate into real changes and improvements in people's lives, our alliance carries a global vision of assistance starting by solving needs caused by diseases and natural disasters.

At EvolveAir we seek to expand the benefits of our business to those who need it most, transforming needs into opportunities

Dream Trip:

We support Hospitals and Institutions by making leisure trips for children and young people with terminal illnesses who have the dream of being able to travel in an airplane, live the experience of flying, see the clouds up close, experience something unique.



SOS Emergency:

We provide our airplanes to facilitate the transportation of sick children, youth or adults who need specialized medical attention in distant places. At the same time we are a way of transporting medicines and basic items in disaster situations.

Unconditional help:

This is our volunteer program, in which our employees, suppliers and clients can take an active part in community projects.

Pilots Training Program:

We know that a fundamental pillar for the development of countries, communities, families and individuals is the education and professional training of their young people, therefore we created this program, which has everything necessary for young people interested in being air pilots to be prepared in an appropriate environment, with the best team of instructors and the highest standards of quality.

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