Dare to live the life you always wanted…

Owning a Cirrus aircraft isn’t just a luxury — it’s a lifestyle. Imagine having the freedom to go where you want, when you want. What would it be like if, where you lived no longer defined where you spent your time? Last weekend, you journeyed to New Orleans to see the ancient Mayan Ruins. This weekend, the conditions are perfect for a quick trip to Destin.


You jump online and log in to your scheduling portal to reserve your SR22T. It’s the perfect aircraft for this trip with enough cargo space and speed to have you and your golfer friend in Florida before noon. You select Hobby Airport for takeoff because it’s a reasonable drive from your place (and avoids the 610 traffic). As an early bird, you schedule for departure at 6:00 a.m. Without busy terminals, TSA screenings, and flight schedule changes, there’s no need to be at the airport hours in advance; slightly ahead of time will do.

The morning of your trip, a contracted limo picks you and your friend up and drives you to Hobby in style. Within 10 minutes of pulling into the airfield, you’ve settled inside the SR22T and are moments away from taking flight. The airplane is gassed up, checked, and cleared for takeoff. You’ll be teeing off by mid-day. While in the air, you already begin to think about your next travel adventure. Anyone up for New Year’s Eve in Nashville?

This scenario may sound like someone's wild imagination, but for dozens of EvolveAir clients — it’s reality. Our mission is to break down barriers and change the way you experience the world. You only get one life. Invest in moments, not things, and own every minute. The SR22T is your ticket to a lifetime of precious memories.

The boldest statement Cirrus has ever made…

Cirrus is best known for turning the unthinkable into the industry standard. When aviation became stagnant in the late 1990’s, Cirrus disrupted the market with the SR20, which featured the first primary flight display ever to be installed in a small aircraft. When aviation safety kept making unfortunate headlines, Cirrus engineered the SR22, equipped with NASA-inspired leading edge cuffed wings and the patented, world-renowned ballistic Cirrus Airframe Parachute System (CAPS®). The SR22 quickly became the most sought-after, best-selling aircraft in the world, and could have been the company’s pinnacle achievement — but Cirrus refused to settle.

Lighter. Faster. Smarter. Safer. And more stylish than ever. The Cirrus SR22T is a paragon of engineering excellence…

Every detail of the SR22T is designed to enhance the convenience, comfort, and connection between pilot, passenger, and aircraft. From the ultra-lightweight airframe and turbocharged engine to the incredible payload and revolutionary avionics technology — never has there been a small aircraft more versatile or powerful. The SR22T doesn’t just set the standard for the next generation; it represents an entirely new class of single-engine aircraft.

Exterior Luxury

Prepare to be noticed…

Aviation meets art with the SR22T’s striking, custom-crafted exterior. Cirrus offers three different exterior packages, each displaying a unique personality and limitless options for body color, graphic treatments, and personalization.

The Carbon package is inspired by the unmistakable flair of a sports car. With a vibrant selection of bold new colors, including Monarch Blue, Corso Red, and Mantis Green, your aircraft is guaranteed to turn heads on the tarmac. The Platinum package makes a more refined and sophisticated statement, with earthy hues in Silver, Sedona Red, Athens Blue, Phantom Silver, or Driftwood. Fluid lines, nickel vents, and a painted spinner completes the aesthetic appeal. The Rhodium package is classic and timeless, featuring three metallic colors; frost, titanium, and champagne. Each hue creates a stunning yet subtle finish that can only be defined as rich and iconic.

Beyond the sleek, composite body of the SR22T, you’ll notice stunning wingtip spectra lighting; artistically redesigned with smart sensor dimming and increased light capacity to create a striking balance between beauty and function. Step a little closer, and you’ll see an infrared camera for real-time aerial imaging — day or night — and a new door handle design for easy entry and secure latching. Click the unlock button on your keyless entry key fob, initiate the automatic interior and exterior spectra lighting and illuminate the aircraft as you make your way safely inside.
The SR22T is a personal time machine that can
offer up amazing experiences.

Business advantage

When time is money, there isn’t a second to spare…

Nothing says industry titan like arriving at a business meeting in the world’s most desirable personal aircraft. Thanks to EvolveAir’s shared ownership program, professionals at every level can afford to make a memorable entrance. As a shared owner, your business only pays for a fraction of the costs associated with owning and maintaining an aircraft and may even qualify for certain tax benefits. To ensure that aircraft ownership doesn’t take away from your professional focus, we handle all maintenance and logistics associated with owning the aircraft, scheduling trips, and planning flights.

Business owners prefer the Cirrus SR22T because it is the most cost-efficient aircraft in our fleet; perfect for frequent regional trips within a one- to three-hour flight radius of Houston. Included in your one-time share price are an annual allotment of fuel and piloting hours. The airframe design and turbocharged engine makes this plane ultra fast and surprisingly fuel efficient to maximize your time and travel costs. Fly to new locations and expand your business territory. Strengthen relationships with clients by doing more business in person. Make a lasting impression when you arrive in style. The Cirrus SR22T will get you there and back in time for family dinner.


Leisure advantage

Make every weekend an adventure…

Time spent with friends and family is one of the most precious resources on earth. Why not own every minute of it? You don’t need to be an aviation expert or a billionaire to purchase your own aircraft. Through EvolveAir’s shared ownership program, you pay only a fraction of the cost of aircraft ownership and maintenance while the rest of the cost is covered by three other share owners. Included in your shared cost are an allotment of hours, professional, comprehensive maintenance, and first-class support for everything from insurance and taxes to flight scheduling and planning. All you need to do is pick a destination and take-off time; EvolveAir will handle the rest.

The engineers at Cirrus designed every detail of SR22T with you and your passengers in mind. One of the aircraft’s greatest features is its 5-passenger capacity with fold-down seats that can be configured to carry out any type of mission. Fly a friend to Orlando for a weekend golf trip. Take your spouse to Denver for a ski getaway, or visit Nashville for the Country Music Festival. Replace the memory of canceled flights and long layovers with stress-free adventuring in the lap of luxury. From golf clubs and ski equipment to baggage or extra travelers, the Cirrus SR22T provides plenty of cabin or cargo space for a perfect weekend adventure.

Interior luxury

Sit back, relax, and enjoy the journey...

Cirrus engineers didn’t stop at this aircraft’s sleek, bold exterior. Step inside and sink into a plush, two-tone leather reclinable seat, adorned with elegant contrast stitching and carbon fiber trim. You’ll notice a quieter, more spacious cabin with air conditioning and ambient lighting. Listen to XM Radio through Bose headphones, or make a call using the aircraft’s satellite phone. You will have plenty of space for passengers or carry-on items without compromising travel comfort.

Beyond the luxurious cabin, your eyes can’t help but fixate on the sensational Perspective Plus flight deck — an unprecedented new standard in avionics. Redesigned to provide similarity between your aircraft controls and your personal electronic devices, this flight deck offers global satellite connectivity, flight stream technology, Bluetooth data sharing to your mobile device, and wireless aviation database updates. These avionics are so innovative and intuitive; they set the SR22T apart as the most connected, intelligent, responsive aircraft that Cirrus has ever engineered.

The sky is no longer your limit…
Never again waste time and energy dealing with airport crowds and rigid flight schedules. The Cirrus SR22T will take you from car to sky and beyond in minutes. Fly out of any airport in the Greater Houston area and notice a smoother ride thanks to the craft’s automatic yaw damper. Reach San Antonio in less than an hour or go the distance — all the way to Mexico City. Land for lunch in New Orleans, South Padre Island, or Oklahoma City. Or fly all the way to Guatemala or Florida. Depending on your payload, this aircraft is fast enough for long distances and efficient enough for short jaunts.

0h 40m
San Antonio
0h 57m
1h 0m
New Orleans
1h 32m
1h 33m
1h 38m
South Padre Island
1h 38m
Oklahoma City
1h 53m
2h 1m
2h 4m
Monterrey, MX
2h 7m
2h 28m
2h 39m
Tampico, MX
2h 52m
Torreon, MX
2h 56m
Kansas City
3h 4m
3h 11m
Chihuahua, MX
3h 12m
San Luis Potosi, MX
3h 15m
3h 27m
3h 36m
Aguascalientes, MX
3h 39m
Mexico City, MX
3h 55m
Cuernavaca, MX
4h 8m
Guadalajara, MX
4h 15m
4h 15m
Key Features
  • 5-passenger seating
  • Turbo-charged 315 hp engine
  • Climate and pressure-controlled cabin
  • Leather interior, XM radio, satellite phone, and reclining seats
Weight Capacity
  • Max Take-off Weight: 3,600 lbs
  • Useful Load: 1,086 lbs
  • Full Fuel Payload: 550 lbs
  • Takeoff: 1517 ft. (462 m)
  • Max Operating Altitude: 25,000 ft.
  • Landing Groundroll: 1178 ft. (359m)
  • Cirrus Airframe Parachute System (CAPS)
  • Advanced Perspective Touch avionics
  • Airbag Seatbelts
  • High-Performance Brakes
  • Built-in Oxygen System
  • TKS known ice protection
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