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The world-class solution to private air travel.
Time is your most precious commodity — we want you to own it. EvolveAir’s mission is to provide you with the luxury, freedom, and convenience of private aviation, minus the cost and stress of owning an aircraft. After scrutinizing every pain-point associated with traditional air travel, our founders developed a simple and transparent program that broadens access to private flying, enhances your lifestyle, and respects the value of your time.

Shared Ownership
EvolveAir’s shared ownership program is the most timely and cost-effective way for frequent fliers to travel. As a shared owner, you pay a one-time price and a monthly service rate that covers all of the costs associated with owning and maintaining an aircraft. The remaining costs are divided among three other share owners. Included in your ownership is an annual allotment of fuel and piloting hours, and concierge services that create a true VIP experience for owners and guests. At the end of your term, we’ll write you a check for the market value of the plane and give you the option to upgrade your aircraft to the latest model — it’s that simple.

The EvolveAir Difference

Eliminate crowded terminals, long lines, and expensive tickets from your travel experience and never again book your travel at the mercy of commercial airline flight plans. Schedule your flight through an online scheduling portal and plan the details with help from your service coordinator. If a scheduling conflict arises, your service coordinator will arrange for an alternative aircraft.

On the day of your travel, EvolveAir will shuttle your aircraft to any Greater Houston Airport, provide concierge limo service, and have you in the air in just minutes. After your trip, immediately carry on with your day. We will pick up, clean, and service your aircraft.

Our passion for rethinking the way the world works is well served by the organization we’ve built, but we never stop searching for ways to inspire people, support our community, and advocate for others. Most of all, we want to help people take back control of their precious time and experience the freedom of life unhindered.  


Our Crew

The EvolveAir team is dedicated to providing customized flying solutions, from shared ownership to professional management. We have extensive experience in both owning and operating aircraft. Discover more about our history and expertise.

Israel Luzunaris

Founder / President / CEO

Fernando Loza

International Sales Representative

Conroe is our home airport, we'll pick you up at yours.

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